6 Factors to Consider When Buying an Apartment in Chakan

by Sara Builders

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Imagine purchasing a property in an area where "growth" is the most enticing term that everyone can think of. This appears to be how the quickly expanding suburb of "Chakan" in Pune is known now. The neighbourhood is well renowned for its constantly developing industrial belt with SEZs and its excellent location. This SEZ has tremendous potential to expand over the next several years given its location along National Highway 50 between Pune and Nashik. The demand for residential property in Pune's neighbourhood has risen dramatically as more and more companies express interest in making significant investments there. Is Chakan a good area to live and invest, is the main query on everyone's mind. Unquestionably, yes. You can get all the justifications you want in this location to make this house your cheerful residence. Let's examine the benefits of residing in Chakan, a suburb that is quickly expanding.


Chakan is the greatest spot to invest in if you're thinking about having decent suburban connectivity. This region has excellent connections to Ahmednagar, Mumbai-Pune, and Mumbai-Nashik. Because it is a region with significant auto-mobile businesses like Hyundai, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, JCB, General Motors, Force Motors, and Mahindra, the roads are well-maintained. IT parks are starting to swarm the area. Pune, Pimpri-Chinchwad, and several other locations in Maharashtra have city portions that are serviced by the MSRTC road transport system. In fact, it creates the ideal welcoming environment for future expansion and improved connection. Soon, it will also be referred to as the "Detroit of India."


The Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) is promoting Chakan as a special economic zone (SEZ) (MIDC). This is a fundamental reason why such international businesses are so keen to invest here. There are offices, warehouses, and factories nearby, so there are plenty of career chances for a variety of individuals. If you purchase a property in Chakan, you can always discover fresh employment prospects just a few kilometres from the comfort of your home since Chakan will always be a hub for job chances. Such a promising location also stimulates demand for homes. You may successfully strike a daily balance between job and family life in this manner. After all, more "me & family time" equates to less travel.


Chakan offers a decent quality of life with excellent infrastructure and a lot of vegetation. The region boasts quality medical facilities at hospitals like Unicare Hospital, Chakan Critical Hospital, and more, much like any burgeoning neighbourhood. International schools like Podar are also available inside the premises of Sara City, the largest township of Chakan for excellent educational purposes. Substantial business centres like City Plaza by Sara Builders will also attract a lot of businesses and retail outlets. In these residential zones, grocery stores are also conveniently located. Due to Metro and other infrastructure initiatives, these infrastructure advantages will grow over the upcoming years.


As we just stated, major brands are making investments, establishing production facilities, and seeking to prosper in Chakan; as a result, this region is becoming more and more significant. There has been a sharp increase in requests for Sara City’s 1 & 2 BHK Flats in Chakan. Why? A well-designed community with a wealth of amenities in such a prime location. With more than 1500 happy families, the ready possession project attests to its viability. Because of the benefits and low pricing in Chakan, many are eager to own a property (which are about to skyrocket in the coming years). Undoubtedly, Chakan is the ideal spot to live or invest due to the potential growth, career possibilities, and connectivity.

Developer’s Reputation

The builder's reputation can tell you whether or not you'll have a good time. Since it is impossible to rely on every builder to be honest, it is always wise to stick with companies that have been active in the market for at least ten years. Even though the brochures may list several services and amenities, the finished product will only be provided if the builder keeps to their word. Therefore, one must conduct as much study as they can by looking at their previous ventures and speaking to their current residents.

Parking Space

Nobody enjoys leaving their automobile in a deserted area. When choosing an apartment complex to buy, you should look for one that has a secure parking space. Just keep in mind that extra parking spaces are typically more expensive in exclusive gated neighbourhoods. Therefore, if you own several vehicles, you may have to prepare for this extra cost.