8 Ways to Make Your Home a Happier Place to Live

by Sara Builders

8 Ways to Make Your Home a Happier Place to Live


In today’s world, you can’t deny the fact that home is our personal heaven. It is a place where we grow, learn, create memories and do things that bring us joy. Everytime you walk through the door, you must have experienced the feeling of self-belonging, comfort, and safety from the place where your heart resides.

Home has always been special for all of us. We shape them meticulously so that every corner reflects our personality. Once Winston Churchill observed that we shape our buildings first and then our buildings shape us. Many scientific studies have shown that whatever we do within the four walls of our abodes results in shaping our mood, affecting our productivity and influencing our outlook on life.

Being a human, you must wonder how to make your home a happier place and always strive for it. Sometimes it may happen that you couldn’t feel relaxed for some reason. But don’t worry, there are many tiny little habits and daily routines that can have a positive impact on our happiness in a home. The purpose of this blog is to help you figure out how to make a happy home and how to make a family happy. Let’s dive in to know more about it.

8 Ways To Give Your Home A Tinge Of Happy Vibe:

1) Let The Air, Light Flow In

The best answer to your question, how to make a happy home, is here! Humans always tend to seek natural ventilation that has its own advantages. It is the right way to feel healthier, more awake, and more inspired inside the walls of your home. Homes with proper ventilation are essential for our body’s internal cycle i.e. circadian rhythms, which help to balance our sleep and wake up cycles. If you are looking to place furniture near a window, make sure you must avoid it. Choose a window dressing that gives you proper ventilation of light and air.

2) Nurture Green Thumb

The colour of plants and flowers can lift a person’s mood. Many studies and researches have found that the more you spend time with plants, the more you feel connected to them. This can help you to reduce stress, aid recuperation and improve air quality by removing toxins, energy levels of humans. If you are feeling stressed & seeking how to build a happy home, then it will be great if you start planting trees. Create some dedicated space in the home for it & nurture nature to bring happiness in life.

3) Apply Mood Booster Paints

You must be aware that our sensory experience can directly impact our happiness. And if we talk about the colours, then it is definitely true. It is important for us to understand that the way surroundings impact our general outlook, in the same way, the colour we perceive also alter our mood. There are many colours like cream, bright orange, grey cloud, blue-green and many more that uplifts mood. If you want to get rid of the question of how to make a family happy? Make sure you must apply mood booster colours on every wall.

4) Keep Everything Organized

A cluttered and disorganized home can impact us badly. If someone allotted you some work and you are sitting in a cluttered room, can you focus on it? When spaces in the home are disorganized, it affects our mood and makes it impossible for us to focus on the right things. The best way to get rid of clutter is to keep everything organized right from making your bed. If you follow these little habits, it will definitely uplift your mood and bring happiness to your life.

5) Display Sentimental Items

Items that are sentimental to us evokes strong emotions. You must display the items that are sentimental to you proudly, and should cherish them regularly rather than hiding them in any drawer or closet. It is the best way to bring positivity into your life. Whatever you are hiding out, put the items out and see how it impacts you everyday.

6) Decorate Interior With Wood

You must agree with us that most of our interior we do is just completely driven by fashion. Earlier, people used to have wooden floors, a natural material beneath our feet that offers many benefits. Researchers and shreds of evidence suggest that timber surfaces can help us to reduce heart rates and blood pressure levels. Look for a place in a home where we can use timber surfaces to create a really calming environment that improves our sense of wellbeing.

7) Find Your Own Happy Space

In a home, find a space where you can unwind and relax. We all have one place in our home which we like the most and bring happiness to us. A mother can have a kitchen or gardening space, kids can have a playout area or you can have any other. All you need to do is find the place that spices up happiness and enriches your experience. Start hunting it now.

8) Connect With Neighbours

Our neighbourhood plays a crucial role in our happiness. Not only the environment of home but also the surroundings we live in impacts our mood. Try to reach out to neighbours and spark conversations by simply saying hello. Your small effort can nurture your relationship with them and can give you many reasons to experience giggles and to make family happy.


To summarize, now you can understand how to create a happy home and how to make your family happy. The homes we curate preciously shape our future too. We must look for ways to uplift your and your loved one’s mood in homes that can help you to experience healthier living. If you want to give a tinge of happiness to your home, try these effective 8 ways to have a home that makes you happy.